A Tug is an extremely versatile vessel when power and manoeuverability are required. Tugs can be used to move large vessels that cannot manoeuver themselves, or to tow barges. Tugs are characterized by an extremely high ratio installed power over displacement compared to other vessels. To efficiently deliver this power they are often fitted with large propellers. They are strongly built and fitted with large winches and thick fenders.


The Capilano Maritime designed Ship Docking Tugs of the Columbia Class range from 24 to 32 meters in length and are designed to utilize Z-Drive thrusters as propulsion. These thrusters supply from 60 to 90 Tonnes of bollard thrust that is applied safely through heavy cylindrical fendering to the ocean vessels hull. Generally they are outfitted as day boats and are operated by a crew of two or three.


Capilano Maritime’s Coastal Tug (Capilano Class) designs range from 19 to 28 meters in length, and are designed for coastal and inshore voyages of limited duration.
Generally, these tugs are fitted with conventional propulsion with an installed power range of 1200 to 2800 BHP. The vessels are outfitted with a heavy-duty tow winch aft, and with living quarters for a crew of up to eight in number.


The Kitimat Class of Escort Tugs has been designed for long distance service escorting oil and LNG tankers on BC's coast. The Vessels are powered by dual fuel engines (Marine Diesel and LNG) to give the Tugs a bollard pull of 110 tonnes and a free running speed of 14 knots. Thrust is via a pair of fixed pitched Z-Drives aft which along with tunnel thursters forward provide the vessels with exemplary manoeuverability in all situations.
The Vessels are outfitted for extended voyages if required to perform ocean recovery and salvage services.


ATB Tugs of the Georgia Class are designed to operate as tow vessels and/or push tugs in an ATB (Articulated Tug Barge) system as required.


Capilano Maritime has developed River Push Tug designs in a number of configurations ranging from extremely shallow draft (1 metre) with conventional propulsion, to Vessels with advanced Z-Drive and Voith cycloidal propulsion drives.