Fraser 4.4

Capilano Maritime Design has begun researching the possibility of a mobile cold ironing solution for ships coming in to BC Ports. Cold Ironing is is the process of connecting a ship in port to an external power supply. By connecting a ship to a cleaner power source, it will drastically reduce emissions and the negative impact on the environment.

The target market audience is primarily the cruise ships travelling along the coast but may also include containers, tankers, and bulk carriers. Cruise ships have high power requirements at shorter durations while cargo ships have lower power requirements but longer durations.

Cruise companies are keen to advertise environmental commitment while industrial companies are more interested in the economics. The cargo industry will likely not be a successful market until regulations force vessels to utilize cold-ironing for power generation at port.

CMDL has developed two designs, a 4.4MW for supplying power to cargo ships and a 12.7MW to service large cruise ships.

Fraser 4.4 MW (Coming Soon)
Fraser 12.7 MW (Coming Soon)